Lauren Smith

Creative Director of The Mane Choice

Lauren Smith is the Creative Director of The Mane Choice Hair Solution, a revolutuinary hair care brand and the founder of Love Overflo. Lauren is also a daughter to parents that love her, a niece to Aunts and Uncles, sister to her siblings & a Mother to her son. Lauren was Born on July 15th, in Detroit, Michigan. At an early age, Lauren moved with her mother and was raised in the place she now calls home, Huntsville, AL. Her love and natural want to care for others was something she realized about herself early in life. These characteristics, helped her become a nurse at the age of 19. Her career as a nurse taught her how to manage great responsibility at a young age. Balancing the joy of serving others while also managing and supervising became 2nd nature. Lauren’s passion for the overall well-being of others led to her work with The Mane Choice and create her brand, Love Overflo. Being in an environment where her creativity is paired with her love for helping others, has given her the opportunity to grow exponentially. She moved from Customer Service to Business Manager to Creative Director of a Multi-Million dollar company within 3 years. Lauren continues to work with The Mane Choice while also helping and touching others through her initiatives with Love Overflo.