Milano Di Rouge

Fashion Designer & Influencer

Milan Rouge is a fashion designer, philanthropist, media mogul, and influencer healing from the city of Philadelphia.

With more courage than experience Milan began grabbing the attention of her peers with her motivational words, unique style and ambitious mind through social media networks. In June 2012 she started a blog which offers; love, fashion, dating, and motivational advice to women. Later that year, November 11, 2012 Milano Di Rouge was born.

Milano Di Rouge, LLC is an apparel brand that focus on providing affordable luxury to the fashion enthusiast. Owned, operated and founded by Milan Rouge, with the vision that Milano Di Rouge will reach local and national markets but also be branded to have a global appeal.

The message that Milan promotes is Making Dreams Reality. She believes  it’s never to late to follow your dreams. We empower and encourage dream chasers to keep achieving. Milano Di Rouge started from a grassroots setting with all distribution of goods, products and services delivered personally by the owner, Milan. Through hard work, dedication and consistently pleasing customers, Milan has built her brand from the ground up.

Invested not only money, but her time into constantly improving her brand, business reputation and ethic. Using social media along with developing great business relationships to expand her audience. Milan has enhanced her brand products and gained loyal clientele/supporters.